Professional Salon Beard Trimming – Is it Worth it?

by Chris Glasner

There are quite a few professional salon beard trimming services around in almost every city and the question is, do you really need to use them? Can’t you just trim your own beard at home? Of course, you can get a really good beard trimmer to achieve just about the same results but there are some benefits to visiting a men’s salon.

When I first started keeping a beard, I wasn’t too sure of the style I wanted and wasn’t skilled at all in trimming it. My beard ended up looking lopsided/irregular and I hated the way it looked. During one winter, I decided to let my beard grow all out so as to even it out. I then took a trip downtown to a reputable mens salon and asked for a trim.

I think that was the best decision I ever made. The stylist was very professional and he gave me a fantastic cut. Having someone trim your beard might sound like a really lazy thing to do but trust me, it’s rather relaxing and it all pays off because you’re not likely to get a lop-sided trim. I think the main benefit for a professional trim is that the barber can help you to really define the shape of the beard.

This is a great idea for folks who are new to growing beards and need some guidance. Here’s what I tell everyone who decides to grow a beard:

Let your beard grow out to a good length and thickness. Then get yourself to a professional salon to get your beard trimmed by an expert. Let them outline your beard and set the shape of it. After that, maintain your beard by using the a really good professional beard trimmer regularly.

But what if you’re already skilled with beard trimming and know exactly what shape or type of beard or goatee you want? Then there’s no real need to go to a professional salon. Perhaps its only beneficial if you want to change your beard style or experiment with a look you are unfamiliar with….in that case a professional barber will come in handy.

Generally if you pick a good hair salon/barber, its a rather relaxing way to spend an afternoon, especially if you combine your beard trimming session with haircut. The only downsides to professional hair salons are the price and the time cost. It’s much easier and cheaper to manage your beard in the comfort of your home, that’s for sure!

After visiting the salon for a professional trim, I ended up buying my first beard trimmer and started trimming and maintaining my own beard from home. The rest is history as they say. Once in a long while, I let my hair grow out and head to the salon to get a new look. I do all the maintenance work at home using beard trimmers. I think that’s a pretty good strategy for beard care.

Here’s a video of someone getting his beard done in a salon. Notice that the barber does take quite a bit of hair off so make sure that you tell your barber/stylist exactly what you want and stop him/her if you notice them trimming way too much!

To find the best professional hair salon, ask around in online forums or check with your friends. Yelp is a good site to find hair salons if you live in North America. Good luck and I hope you have a great experience if its your first time!

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