How to Trim a Beard

by Chris Glasner

Beard trimming isn’t rocket science but you do need to know how to do it so you don’t mess up and ruin your appearance. I thought I’ll write a short guide on how to trim a beard. This guide works with both scissors and an electric beard trimmer so you can use either one. Personally, I much prefer using a beard trimmer because of the greater precision you have. Let’s get started.

Trimming facial hair involves one of two techniques. The big decision comes right down to using scissors or perhaps a beard trimmer. You can use a mix of both methods to attain a stylish looking beard or just one of the methods since it is dependent upon your preferences.

If you prepare your beard before shaving it you’ll get a much improved result. It is much better to trim a beard when it is clean – so you must wash it prior to doing anything else. Always make sure you dry the beard before cutting as it is easier to work with hair in its natural, dried out state. Next, comb your beard along the direction of hair growth. This gets rid of tangles and makes it a lot easier to clip.

In my opinion, the best strategy for trimming with scissors is to comb along your jawline on one side of your face and trim the hair that pops out from the comb teeth. The comb acts as a trimmer guard to prevent you from cutting too much hair off. After completing one side of the face, switch and concentrate on the other side using the same method before moving on to the chin. Remember to use small scissors you can easily handle. Scissors that are too big make it really hard for you to use on your own and they may take away too much hair. And that’s all you need to do with scissors. There’s not much to it because they’re really idiot-proof and easy to use.

Scissors are generally good for decreasing the length of your beard hair, but they require a great deal of skill if you need to thin out the beard or achieve delicate shaping. Using a beard trimmer is the primary substitute to scissors and I like them because it takes less time to attain the desired styling. If you don’t own a beard trimmer, you could consider searching the beard trimmer reviews on this blog so you can find the most suitable trimmer for your needs. Be sure to also check out my beard trimmer FAQ for an introduction to beard trimmers in general.

Most beard trimmers include variable length attachments that make it easy to cut your hair down to numerous lengths for different occasions. Always know the amount of you want to cut before cutting and ensure that the trimmer has the most suitable add-on attached. After you make sure that the right attachment is in place, you can begin trimming. You should trim towards the jawline in the same direction as the growth of your facial hair. Repeat on both sides before moving on to the hair below the chin.

When first learning how to trim a beard, do take care not to trim too much off the very first time you utilize a trimmer because you will not able to replace the hair you lose! The more you use a beard trimmer, the simpler it becomes to groom your beard without hitches. You also can make use of a trimmer to thin your beard regularly and add definition to its shape or use it without attachments to shear the hair on the back of your neck for a better outline. You may want to read more my guide on how to use a beard trimmer for more important tips!

As you gain experience, you can experiment with different attachments and styles. To help achieve a symmetrical look, you should prune your beard in a well-lit area and take your time. You should always be patient and never rush cutting. Always let the trimmer do the work, never try and force it too quickly over your skin. Remember, its not a shave, its a trim. Over time, because you get used to the trimmer and when are you are competent with it you can experiment with distinct styles. You might even get so good that it’ll look as if its done by a professional stylist!

To sum up, here’s a short video tutorial on how to trim a beard:

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