Beard Trimmers – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

beard trimmer faq

What is a Beard Trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a simple gadget which is designed specifically to cut beard hair to various shapes and lengths. This is usually a small hand-held device that comes with an assortment of length attachments which can range from 0.25cm to 1.5cm. Like a manual razor, a beard trimmer uses thin metal blades which are powered by electricity to rotate and move.

This oscillation cuts away hair when the beard trimmer is placed near hair. A beard trimmer is either corded or cordless and uses rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Some of them come with built-in mini vacuums to suck away dirt and a self-cleaning blade mechanism. All of them come with length attachments, small combs and brushes (for trimmer maintenance).

Can I use a beard trimmer on my head?

To a certain extent, yes. To do this you need to use the longest trimmer guard and then slowly trim while using a comb to brush your hair up and measure the trim. If you use a short trimmer guard, you might cut too much hair off accidentally, not to mention that it will also tend to clog your trimmer’s blades. Generally, I recommend buying an electric hair clipper that comes with a full comb and trimmer attachment set instead of just using your beard trimmer. A professional hair clipper will not clog as much as your beard trimmer, especially when you’re dealing with a full head of hair.

Can I use a beard trimmer to trim armpit, body and pubic hair?

This is a commonly asked question and the answer is yes. But there are some key points to take note of. First of all, a beard trimmer will never give you a really close shave. There will be a slight stubble left and if you want a really clean shave, you should use a razor and some shaving cream. But if you only want to trim your body and pubic hair, you can use a beard trimmer.

However, you should first use a pair of scissors to cut your body hair first so that it isn’t too long and mangled. This works best after a hot shower. If the hair is too long, it will just tangle up and clog the beard trimmer really quick. Always trim with scissors first before using a beard trimmer. Use the shortest trimmer guard or don’t use a trimmer guard at all… but be careful, don’t let your skin get caught in the blades. This rarely happens but still does for some badly constructed trimmers.

How do I keep my trimmer clean?

First thing you need to do after each use is to remove the hair that’s stuck in your trimmer blades. Remove any attachments and then brush away all hair by using a small brush. Depending on your beard trimmer, there should be a cleaning lever of some sort that allows you to move or extend the blades. After which, reassemble the trimmer. For the body of your trimmer, you can wipe it with a slight damp cloth. Never use any polishers or liquid soap. See my article on cleaning your beard trimmer for more information.

How do I adjust the trimming length?

To adjust the trimming length you can simply choose the right trimmer attachment and place it over the blade. Some beard trimmers come with a locking mechanism that allows you to keep the guard in place. Choose the trimmer guard to use according to how much hair you want to cut.

What is the life span of a beard trimmer?

This largely depends on how well you take care of the trimmer and the frequency of use but generally I’ll say that a good beard trimmer can last for a minimum of 1 year to easily up to 10 years. I know some people who are still using some of the earliest beard trimmer models because they’re still working really well. So fear not, this is not a short-term purchase. Take the time to pick the right beard trimmer for your needs because it’ll greatly affect the quality of your beard and appearance.

How do I maintain and care for my beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers are rather easy to maintain and all you need to do is to keep them clean and occasionally apply a tiny bit of oil to the blades so as to keep them lubricated and working well. You may want to read my article on beard trimming maintenance for more tips.

How do I repair my beard trimmer?

If your beard trimmer doesn’t work anymore, you should first check to see if anything is clogging it. Remove all attachments and try to clean the blade. Remove the dust holder if there is one. If it still doesn’t start up, you may want to charge it in case the error is due to a weak battery.

If after charging your beard trimmer and it doesn’t work, you may want to send it in for repairs. If your warranty is still active, you can return or exchange it at the place where you bought it. But even if your warranty has expired, you can contact the manufacturer to ask for advice on what to do. If all else fails, it may just be the time to get yourself a brand new beard trimmer.

What’s the usual price for a beard trimmer

Beard trimmers have a wide range of prices, depending on the brands and the feature for each model. You can actually buy a beard trimmer online for less than 20 dollars although there are even trimmers being sold at the price range of $80 and above.

Generally it depends on your budget and what features you want but I firmly believe that you should pay a little more for a highly reputable, widely acclaimed product instead of something that’s cheap but poorly designed. Bear in mind that a solid beard trimmer that’s well taken care of and last for many years so your initial investment will be well worth it.

Where can I buy a beard trimmer?

A beard trimmer can be found in the health and personal care section of most general departmental stores. Or you can buy them online from, which I’ve found to often cheaper than normal retail shops in the mall. If you’re interested in buying online, you should consider using a trustworthy merchant like which usually offers free delivery and refund guarantees.